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My Skills as a Software Programmer/Website Developer

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Dr. Aaron Milavec
Founder and Director of EasyGreek Software--1994 to 1996
Founder and Director of Catherine of Siena Virtual College--2007 to 2015

o Software Developer -- I left teaching to develop the innovative software programs that were so massively successful among my students. Twelve programs were developed; eight have been distributed commercially. The most popular has been "When Jesus Favored Women" (see www.didache.info).

o Technical Writer -- I have a genius for improving whatever I touch. While producing user manuals and online help (with RoboHelp and Visio) for a new bank teller software, I not only produced a flawlessly integrated product but, as a bonus, sent them a list of 35 coding errors and 12 ideas for enhancing user friendly aspects of the program. I enjoy crafting with words.

o Master Communicator -- I love teaching! For 25 years, I provided energetic and engaging classes for adults seeking spiritual growth and intellectual understanding at the certificate and M.Div. level. I discovered that, for deep learning to take place, adults need to discover things for themselves rather than to be simply told.

o Self-Starter -- When my published Case Studies proved to be too linear, I taught myself to program in Visual Basic. The resulting software programs were so engaging that I left teaching in 1997 to found EasyGreek Software--a pioneering software firm devoted to providing technical and innovative solutions to learning and teaching tasks. To date, eight electronic Case Studies have been commercially distributed under the title, Scripture Sleuth: Rediscovering the Early Church (Liguori Faithware).

o Personal Magnetism -- My students have consistently prized me for communicating technical information with a visionary flair for everything I teach. All in all, 90% of my students assigned me a superior rating in three key areas: (a) "instructor motivated me to learn," (b) "instructor had a broad understanding," and (c) "instructor had ability to teach." I have been consistently sought out as a public speaker.

o Publishing Record -- To date, I have published fifteen books, five chapters in collected works, and over fifty journal articles. My readers report that I grab their interest, that I communicate complex ideas with clarity, and that I integrate just the right amount of heartfelt meaning within abstract and technical works.

o Organizing Skills -- Took responsibility for organizing 150 students on a pilgrimage to the sites of the world's major religions. The sponsors were so pleased with my results that they insisted, contrary to policy, that I stay on for an additional year and expand my "bridge-building experiences" for yet another group of students. This resulted in a descriptive book, The Human Face of God (The Edwin Mellen Press, 1985).


  • EasyGreek Software, Piqua, OH; 1996 to present; founder and director
  • CFI Software Developers, 1997-1998
  • In 2007 a group of visionary academics in the UK asked me to research and develop a feasibility study as to whether it was possible to build a platform for a worldwide college for marginalized women in Gender Studies. I concluded that this was feasible using a home computer and the open source Moodle software. The board of trustees in the UK accordingly hired me to implement my plan and this became known as CATHERINE OF SIENA VIRTUAL COLLEGE. I functioned as the software developer and innovative teacher in this College from 2007 to 2015.

    1960 Awarded B.S. in Physics with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Dayton
    1965 Graduate studies in physics and philosophy of science at Ohio State University
    1968 Awarded S.T.B. summa cum laude, in Biblical and Dogmatic Studies from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
    1973 Awarded Th.D. in Systematic and Historical Theology with a concentration in NT Studies from the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley)
    1974 Postgraduate Faculty Fellowship awarded by the Association of Theological Schools for research with Professor Michael Polanyi in Oxford, England
    1984 Grant awarded by the University of Chicago
    1986 Grant awarded as a "working scholar" within the Consultation of Jewish and Christian Scholars by the Institute for Judaeo-Christian Research at the University of Lucerne (Switzerland) and the American Jewish Congress (USA)
    1988 Faculty Fellowship awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities for the summer research seminar, "The Analysis of Religious Systems"
    1989 Faculty Fellowship awarded jointly by the Lilly Endowment Grants and the Athenaeum of Ohio for research on "The Oral Transmission and Oral Logic of the Didache"
    1992 Research Grant awarded by the Association of Theological Schools for advanced study of the interplay of Christianity and Judaism
    1997 Team Teaching Grant with Pastor Marjorie Anderson awarded by the Louisville Institute--a Lilly Endowment Program for the Study of American Religion