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A. Curricula Vitae
  • Curriculum Vitae as Theologian
  • Curriculum Vitae as Ceramic Artist
  • My Skills as a Software Programmer/Website Developer

  • B. The Art of Teaching

  • "My Philosophy as a Teacher in a Nutshell"
  • "My Philosophy as a Ceramics Teacher in a Nutshell"
  • "Improving your Greatest Resource--your Faculty"
  • "The Social Dynamics of Teaching with Case Studies: How My Students Rediscovered the Joy of Learning"
  • "Why Propaganda Need No Longer Pass for History"
  • "Designing an Online Course: Notes for a Tutor"

  • C. Letters of Appreciation and of Recommendation

  • Letter of 10 Feb 03 from Dr. Doane, University of Victoria
  • Letter of 12 Dec 02 from Pastor Anderson, St. Paul Lutheran Church
  • Letter of 28 Oct 03 from Prof. Emeritus Joseph Martos, Bellermine University
  • Letter of 01 March 2012 from Prof. Ursula King

  • D. Syllabi
  • H07 Women in Islam--CSVC course
  • H31 Violence against Women--CSVC course
  • H33 Ecology, Women, and the Future of the Earth--CSVC course
  • H60 Patriarchies of the Past: Masculinities for the Future--CSVC course
  • World Religions: A Dialogue Across Boundaries
  • Art 340 Ceramics -- Cultural, Technical, and Hands-On Introduction to the Production of Ceramic Art
  • The Power of Spontaneous Joy & Healing: Interpretative Dancing Gone Wild

  • E. Ongoing Research and Works in Progress
  • The Truths of Christianity & the Truths of Science--Polanyi's Joint Foundations for Reliable Knowing
  • The Necessity of Faith for a Successful Scientist and the Necessity of Discovery for a Successful Believer
  • The Experience and Theology of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Suffering--Historical Roots and Contemporary Reevaluations

  • F. 2007-2015 Founder, course designer, teacher trainer, and software technician for Gender and Women's Studies at Catherine of Siena Virtual College
  • Catherine of Siena College today = https://www.roehampton.ac.uk/catherine-of-siena/
  • 2012 Progress Report: Visions of Empowerment = https://didache.info/PDFs/2012_progress_report_r.pdf
  • 68 published papers = https://catherinecollege.academia.edu/
  • 26 Course Descriptions = https://didache.info/PDFs/CourseDescriptions.pdf
  • Indian Women Theologians'Forum = https://catherineofsienacollege.wordpress.com/

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    Curriculum Vitae for Aaron Milavec

    USA address:
    1649 Sutton Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45230 USA

    Current Asian Studies address:
    XIN LONG ROAD 1111
    +86 150.0084.2274 iphone

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    A. Professional Formation

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    1968 Awarded S.T.B. summa cum laude, in Biblical and Dogmatic Studies from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

    1973 Awarded Th.D. in Systematic and Historical Theology with a concentration in NT Studies from the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley)

    1976 Immersion within a Conservative Synagogue for one year; studies in classical Jewish hermeneutics with Dr. Matthias Gehatia

    1978-79 Sabbatical Year given over to extended New Testament and Rabbinic Studies in preparation of my first book, To Empower as Jesus Did; summer studies in Rabbinic Judaism with Rabbi Israel Schneider (Jerusalem)

    1980 Four-week intensive workshop in the application of Jungian analysis to the Gospel narratives at the Guild for Psychological Studies (San Francisco)

    1982-83 Studies in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism in preparation for the 1982 and 1983 Youth Seminar on World Religions; theological exchanges with Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists resulting in my second book, A Pilgrim Experiences the World's Religions (The Edwin Mellen Press, 1984).

    B. Grants

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    1974 Postgraduate Faculty Fellowship awarded by the Association of Theological Schools for research with Professor Michael Polanyi in Oxford, England; developed Polanyi's post-critical epistemology and sociology of knowing and applied it to the role of sacrament, initiation rites, and sacred scriptures within a religious tradition

    1984 Grant awarded by the University of Chicago for participation in the seminar, "What is a Classic?" plus extended research in the archives of The Joseph Regenstein Library on the life and letters of Michael Polanyi

    1986 Grant awarded as a "working scholar" within the Consultation of Jewish and Christian Scholars by the Institute for Judaeo-Christian Research at the University of Lucerne (Switzerland) and the American Jewish Congress (USA)

    1988 Faculty Fellowship awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities for the summer research seminar, "The Analysis of Religious Systems: The Case of Ancient Judaism," directed by Professor Jacob Neusner at the Judaic Studies Center, Brown University

    1989 Faculty Fellowship awarded jointly by the Lilly Endowment Grants and the Athenaeum of Ohio for research on "The Oral Transmission and Oral Logic of the Didache"

    1992 Research Grant awarded by the Association of Theological Schools for advanced study of the interplay of Christianity and Judaism: "The Didache: Rediscovering Christianity Within a Jewish Matrix"

    1997 Team Teaching Grant with Pastor Marjorie Anderson awarded by the Louisville Institute--a Lilly Endowment Program for the Study of American Religion: "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep--Broadening Our Prayer Experiences"

    2002-03 Visiting Research Fellow in the Center for Religion and Society; University of Victoria, B.C.; "Polanyi's Epistemology and Sociology of Science as Providing Common Ground for Science and Theology"

    2005 Visiting Research Fellow in The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago-"The Experience and the Theology of Suffering: Historical, Cultural, and Theological Reflections from within the Three Religions of Abraham," within the context of the NEH Summer Institute, "The Early Islamic World."

    2008 Research Fellowship, "Francis and Clare--Probing the Mutual Influence of Two Kindred Spirits," awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities for the summer research seminar, "St Francis of Assisi and the 13th Century," directed by Dr. William R. Cook (Rome, Siena, Assisi)

    C. Employment in Theology

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    D. Professional Appointments

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